Instead of Blog Post Ranking for Keyword - Index Page is - why?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by SEO Authority, Jan 18, 2012.

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    I have a blog and I create many blog posts - but when I build backlinks to the inner blog posts - instead of the blog post ranking on the first page of google... the irrelevant index page ranks for those keyterms.

    Why is that?

    This is bothering me because then when the visitor comes to the page, there is a really high bounce rate (they actually leave instantly and spend no time on the page)

    What can I do to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?
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    probably has something to do with links on the pages

    I assume when you build links for your posts you are anchoring to your posts not the blog itself?

    are your blogposts also posted on your main page? change that then, because that might be the problem...

    I assume you mean with backlinks internal links?

    PM me a link and show me a few links and show me your blog, I might give you some feedback, that probably works better ;)
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    It's time to improve the content and make the page looks for professional?
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    It will be fixed ..... i have lots of blogs get similar problem at start but after while google rank the blog post instead of index page .....
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    I think the problem is referred to as keyword cannibalization. Does your inner page link to the home page with the intended keyword or some variant of it. If that is the case, Google might just assume that most of the information is on the main page that has more authority. Try changing the anchor text on the inner page to see if the inner page ranks instead.
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    You're over-optimizing your inner page with backlinks and perhaps keyword stuffing. This would especially be true if the exact keyword is in your title, h1 tag, keyword density over 2% and is the anchor text of most of your backlinks to the page. Lower quality scrapebox or xrumor links would contribute too, especially if there was bad link velocity (lots of links in a short time, then nothing thereafter).

    Google ends up ranking your site, but taking the next most optimized page (your homepage), because it hasn't been over-optimized with backlinks and most likely has less of a keyword density.

    The way I fix over-optimized pages that disappear like this is I add a lot more text to the page (if it is a 300 word article, I would make it a 600 word article), tone down the keyword density a bit ... and then start building links to the page that have more diversified anchor text.

    You don't have to fix the pages if you don't want to ... they will most likely stay penalized forever, but it is only a page-specific penalty (make a new page and rank that one with less aggressive anchor texts and keyword densities).

    You know you're dealing with this penalty if your inner page is nowhere to be found for the keyword ... not page 2, 3, etc. through 1000. If you find the page in the teens, then it's not a penalty for over-optimization.
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