InstantDollarz won't answer my emails!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by redbud, Mar 25, 2011.

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    I have a KR movie site. During February I changed the content lockers several times to see which one converted the best. During a few days at the end of Feb. I earned the princely sum of $58.70 from InstantDollarz. On Mar. 17 I went to log into my account and could not. I emailed them to ask why, then found out from the KR forum that everybody else had gotten an email saying their accounts were suspended because of having content from MediaBoxRussia.

    So then I finally got the same email from them a day later, about 2 minutes before they answered my email saying "we sent this email to everybody". They also said everybody would get paid. So I emailed back asking how I would be paid if I can't log into my account to approve the invoice for the previous month (which you have to do on the 30th of the month).

    Since then I have emailed 3 more times, about every 2 days, asking the same thing, and I still have not had any reply. I have sent the emails to Byron, Brian and Publisher at Instantdollarz. They are totally ignoring me, so I assume from that I will not in actuality get paid at all.

    $58 may not seem like very much to some, but I have just started making some money from the site, and it is a significant amount to me. I earned it, it is my money, and I want to be paid. All I want to know is how can I be paid if I can't get in to my account to approve the invoice.

    Not answering my emails is completely unprofessional behavior on their part. And, if they don't pay me and others what we have earned, then I guess I will have learned that InstantDollarz is not an ethical company.