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    Hey Guys,

    I bought this product monday when it launched and before i shared it
    i wanted to test it out to see how it works. I must say its a great idea!
    and you can build an insane list super fast putting a few blackhat twists
    on it.

    The method i use this tool for is i find any cool looking porn site
    set up instantcapturepage ill say something like "put your name an
    email address to recieve a free 24hr pass"
    instantcapturepage gives you a unique url to send traffic to and when the visitor lands on the page theres a box with your message and a opt in form
    you can even put a video tottaly fucking cool then later on i back end the shit out of them with dating offers all types of shit!

    What i really love about this is you dont have to even own the damn
    website!!! yea you read it right!

    another example say theres a cool news blog covered with daily events
    you copy the url to that site paste it in to the instantcapturepage software
    create a message attach your AR instantcapturepage gives you a unique
    url you drive traffic to it boom youve created a nice list from a website you didnt even create!

    ok last example i promise lol....
    How many of you guys push clickbank products??

    well what if you could get the name and email of the people you try to sell those clickbank products to and later sell them more shit that is related to what they already bought?
    and i dont wanna even start talking about using instantcapturepage with cpa
    offers it makes my fucking head spin!:yield:

    and i also wanna say this software is veryyyyy noob friendly

    Price Tag?? $97

    if you wanna check it out
    heres my Aff link

    and heres the non aff link

    also if you guys need a autoresponder service wich is not necessary because you can still capture names and emails then export them into your mass emailing setup check out dirt cheap im talking $6 a month cheap for a service that does what aweber can do!

    Any way guys sorry for the long post but i hope it got the creative mind that i know many of you have going!

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    So... are you making a sale?

    Don't you need to pay a fee and have your thread aproved to sell your product?
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    The demos in the website don't work.

    What I assume is.. That they host an Iframe with the target website and run a script to fill in details.
    When the details are done they reload the website... Is this how it works?

    Edit - Sorry about the bump, I was certain that was July 2010 :confused: Sorry about that!
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