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    I got this method on some other website and I thought I should share it out here....
    If you've got a new website and it still hasn't got indexed then here's how you can do it..

    For those of you with your own hosting:

    1. Download and extract the script:

    2. Select from the 3100+ sites you wish to use from uneditedlist.txt. Copy them into urls.txt

    3. Upload the entire folder to your domain and open

    For those who don't have your own hosting or can't upload the script to your own server, Then you can use mine

    Since uncle G tries to find everything on web, Google bots frequent these auto-appraising sites to find something that THESE sites have found that Google may not yet be aware of.

    If you have any questions or problems then you can post it here

    AGAIN This is not my script. Credit goes to scripteen scripts.

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