★★★Instagram VERIFICATION and USERNAME Service (feel free to post the username you would like below)


May 1, 2021
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I help run a PR and marketing agency FamousInfluencer.com.

I’m offering our username and verification service for Facebook and Instagram - please read below how it works. Very few people / companies can offer this service.

Facebook and Instagram Verification Service: (price varies depending on the niche of your account – you will need a strong budget for this $$$$)

Providing you have what's required, including 5-10 articles for the person in question, I also do this. A wiki page of yourself also helps but is not necessary.

We have verified many well known public figures, influencers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, authors and politicians.

Timeframe is usually 5 to 10 days max. (usually quicker)

We always use paypal or escrow.com to ensure a safe and quick transaction

You can read more about Escrow here and the US licenses they hold:

Instagram and Facebook Username Service

I can acquire inactive usernames on Instagram - price is $3k to $8k depending on how rare the name is it - some names are extremely rare and have high re-sale values.

Our success rate is very high and we can claim generally names that are 3 letters and above.

Feel free to post the name you would like below and I can see if I can get it for you.

I am willing to acquire the name BEFORE receiving payment from you if you are a well known member here. (must be a member for at least 2 years with good reviews)

Our team can source and secure some of the rarest usernames on Instagram and Facebook for you, whether its the name of a brand, person, or company. As long as the name is not active and too generic we can secure the name for you within 5 working days time.

Price varies depending on the rarity of the username and the difficulty in recovering the name. Some rare usernames have significant re-sale value.

In many ways Instagram and Facebook usernames are like the real estate market of the web; those who can spot a great opportunity can purchase a username that will eventually be invaluable to the right buyer.

Determining this price is an artform unto itself, with a myriad of contributing factors including length of the name, language, trends and demographics.


Number of letters of name (the shorter the name the more expensive it is).

Number of google searches.

Difficulty of getting name.

Brandability and Re-sale value of name (based on number of companies or people with that name).

Don’t hesitate to PM or email us at [email protected]

Thank youcan you​

WOW great to see so much interest in my thread - I'll try to answer all your questions! Its great to see you doing your due diligence and I welcome any questions any members have or PM me too as I think I can only respond to questions on the thread once every 72 hours to avoid bumping.

I've been on and off the forums for years but recently decided to offer the verification and username service as realised there was a lot of demand for it from my other thread on social media forum so decided to get Junior VIP status - you can read all the reviews and successful transactions ive done on that forum here -

The admins and everyone on that forum are trustworthy and they ID verify members for trust. Do have a full read of their site as I highly recommend it too not just for my services.

Regarding the linkedin info -not too sure how that;s relevant but I've mentioned the 1975 thing to him lol -I'm sure it was a mistake as he's not 70 lol.Re images I'm not sure about that. The team is actually over12 people too so we have a big team. Yes we are a PR company that specialises in blockchain / ICO marketing.I dont see anything wrong working with blockchain companies - the market is still strong with high demand albeit volatile and we have many new clients each month so business is healthy. We have connections with most of the top blockchain and tech and finance publications and help many blockchain companies and exchanges with their PR. We also work with startups and entrepreneurs and influencers too.

As I mentioned all of that is irrelevant in any case as we use Escrow for all transactions. No upfront payment at all directly to me. Please read about Escrow.com - they hold US licenses, are well known and we've done numerous transactions via them without issue. work well too and we've done many transactions via them too as they have their own escrow service too.

For verification all our clients we work with our confidential so I cant just send you their verified profiles. I'm sure if you got your account verified you wouldnt want others knowing you paid for the service but if you PM me I can show you I own some of the rarest names on IG which should satisified your concerns as getting usernames is harder than verification. I cant verifiy every single person -thats not how it works - you need to meet the criteria I mention in the thread description. i.e you need to be a public figure or your business needs articles about it.

The thread has been verified and reviewed by the admins on that site (and yes the site is one of the few sites that is very trustworthy for buying and selling social media accounts)

I understand your point regarding trust especially for high transactions - I would ask the same questions too - thats why we only use an escrow service like well known escrow.com. Or if you are well known here I am happy to get a username for you before payment if I see your trustworthy. The point of any escrow service is to protect both the buyer and seller. If this was a scam I wouldn't ask for escrow. In addition, for the username service once I have a name I can message you from the account to prove I have it and I'm sure you'll be sufficiently impressed.
Can you do fake musician verification by any chance?