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Instagram & Twitter: My Journey to Niche Authority

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by nickhalden44, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. nickhalden44

    nickhalden44 Newbie

    Nov 21, 2015
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    Hi all! I am a new member but long time lurker. I am eighteen, and currently finishing my final year of high school before I go off to college. I'll be honest, my interest in internet marketing began with a wild idealism that has only become more realistic as I've explored and soaked up the vast knowledge in this field- mostly from BHW. I've remained optimistic, though.

    I currently own two accounts that I would specifically like to flesh out.
    One is a personal account on Twitter that I get a lot of attention from. I hope to grow this account's follower base so I can promote myself and any content I make- (Considering building a youtube channel when I can afford some equipment).
    The second account is in the fashion niche on Instagram, and I have been working on it half-heartedly for about a month.
    My personal account is currently at 758 followers, while my Instagram niche account is at 1823.
    The growth on both accounts has me feeling ecstatic, my followback ratio on Twitter is generally 1/2, while my IG account generally yields 1/3 followback.
    I am not currently using any tools but I would love to know of any good ones that are still working. I know of GramDominator and FL, do either of these still work? What tools are necessary to succeed on Twitter?

    Let's talk content. I usually scrape photos from Tumblr or Instagram and I keep captions original. I don't use hashtags much and I try to target a diverse portion of the fashion niche.

    The concept i'm trying to work off of is this: I build this(these) fashion niche account(s) into an authoritative contributor on the IG platform, from here I could go two ways-
    1. I monetize the account and affiliate market through it, sell shoutouts and promotions, ...
    2. I focus on directing the account's traffic to a collaborative or personal website that could provide informative content, satirical, or even products (dropshipping clothes?) Practicality of using a strong personal twitter to direct traffic towards business?
    -Perhaps I could do both? What tools can I use to analyze my follower base? Demographics mostly...

    What can I do now at ~2000 followers to increase publicity?Should I buy shoutouts? When it comes to branding, where do I even begin?
    My IG niche account has a pretty good username that I feel as though I could build it into something great. First thing that comes to mind is clothing brand... How and when to begin this process?
    The domain name I'd like to use is currentlybeing sold by owner for $500, would it be a worthwhile investment this early in the game?

    My questions might not be structured very well, but I think that is indicative of my current understanding of internet marketing. However, I feel purpose-driven and confident that I will stay dedicated, although I have yet to bear any tangible success. I am excited to continue this learning adventure, and I hope to share this journey with all of you. ;) I will keep this updated as much as possible. My goals are to see the personal twitter account up to 10k and the instagram account reach 20k by March 2016. From there I hope to have sufficient groundwork to monetize on and hopefully will find some opportunities to scale things up.
  2. GORKA


    Nov 9, 2015
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    Greetings OP,

    Good luck!

  3. Neon

    Neon Elite Member

    Nov 3, 2013
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    Traveling the world
    Good that you are confident :) just stay dedicated to it and you will succeed. Good Luck !
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  4. Dbeck19

    Dbeck19 Regular Member

    Oct 19, 2015
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    Shoutouts/ promotions is a smart idea if you can execute, I'd suggest focusing on Instagram and avoiding Twitter.

    The end users attention is on Instagram and that's also where the brands that you want to be paid by are focusing their marketing money.

    Focus on quality targeted content which will create higher engagement resulting in you having a higher value prop. :)