Instagram scaling traffic , my 5 plans


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Dec 4, 2020
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I am not sure if I should run M/C myself. Would need to buy accs, proxies etc...its much trial/error.
Problem is I want to get people to my website and I know I cnanot put my website link to more than 1 profile, at least it can be risky to share the same links.

I have a few .com landing pages that lead to my main site (through clicking a button, not automatically).

1. Should I try my own M/C system? Would want to start with 10 accounts and then scrape up.
2. I am interested in hiring a VA that takes care of for example my 7 IG profiles (1 ''.com ''landing page on each profile) with following/liking/DM and selling every day. Where can I find people who wanna work for me daily?
3. Interest in Mass Story views to targeted accounts. Need a good provider.
4. Want to try IG Mass DM. Messaged NEED to go to request folder (not hidden). Need a reliable provider with reports.
5. Want to try MASS Comments bashed on hashtags. Not sure if there are still providers for this. Basically 1 comment per post (hashtag based) that link to the main profile.

Anyone can help and advise?
I am also free to discuss all methods
Try to post in the WTB or HAF section, as providers aren't allowed to contact you otherwise. From experience, I'd advise you to go with M/C rather than mass DM, as I personally find the conversion rate more effective.
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