Instagram keep asking for phone verification (massPlanner)

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    I'm using Massplanner, one proxy/sim card per account with low follow settings only Repost 1primary account( 5pic/day ), age account 1week,and other account post 5pic/day + follow 5user and like 5pic.. no comment et few posts per day on massplanner. But instagram keep asking for phone verification every 1/4 days.

    Info : my old account age 6month never asking verified phone number..only new account.
    lastnight i already verified..and today in the morning.ask verified phone number again.

    some times instagram reseting my password via email.
    i run 90 account... 90proxy 90 number.
    what should i do?

    i ask to massplanner support.they just reply "
    we do not know the algorithm that IG has to ask for verification, we recommend you to try different settings and find out which ones are best.

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