Instagram Going Blackhat

I for one don't believe it. Facebook would never, ever play games with their privacy policies. Never!
Its true. Instagram is now updating its privacy policy. Check this article. It starts from Jan 2013 I guess. All the pics uploaded in your Instagram account will be owned by Instagram now and they can use those pics to monetize. Pretty lame but true
It's called sarcasm.
If fb can monetize user's images, why not on instagram too?
Someone will be bothered enough with this to do something about it. There's no way this will go live.
The best thing about this is it indicates an ad platform for IG might be forthcoming.
Instagram recently came out and said that they are going to redo the writing of the policys to make it better to understand for users
Here's some stuff from their blog. Are they backing off a bit?
There are alternatives to instagram, like Flickr's new service, and twitter's.
The whole thing was a bit of a storm in a teacup IMO (though it has to be said I strictly spam Instagram and don't use it for my er ... "precious memories"). If images were *that* precious to people they wouldn't upload them to start with.

I'm sure they have a valid reason for not doing this but I can't see why on the face of it they didn't make it a user opt-in process and offer revenue sharing.

I mean it could be due to the fact that the "we really weren't intending to use your pics for ads in the first place anyway, all a huge misunderstanding" backflip statement from IG was actually true but I kinda doubt it.

Also regarding ads: IG has stated a long time ago that ads are coming although how successful such a platform will be will be interesting to see.
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