Instagram Domination plan - help needed!

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    Hi guys,

    looking for a bit of advice here,

    so i got myself some PVA IG accounts to market CPA and begin to slowly build them up,

    1st - i uploaded three pictures over 2 to 3 days
    2nd - i began following around 90 people a day
    3rd - now after all this it was time to change username/pass so i started on the first account by simply changing the username (with plans to change pass in a day or two to look more natural) - as the account was made on a different ip around 2 days before being put onto my proxy.

    after changing only the username the first account is now asking for phone verification.

    Would you guys recommend changing the user and pass at the same time then getting the account seller to re-verify it for me?

    or wait longer between each user change / then pass change?

    i imagine changing both the user and pass on an account that's 5+ days old would flag up?

    need advice, thanks for any help.