Instagram Cares About My Feelings

Nubian Content

May 12, 2019
Previously in my Instagram Journey (babes niche) I posted about how I got my first post removed at 13k followers. Apparently I "violated community guidelines".
Keep in mind this is a post which was just a fully clothed girl twerking in a store.
Anyway few moments later I received a "special invitation" for a survey by Instagram. Among other things they asked if I felt there was anything wrong with the post, they asked if I felt they were removing too many or too few posts for violating guidelines.
They also asked about how I felt about them removing my post - "not offended", "very bad", "slightly offended" etc.
For all I care they can go and suck a big one, as long as they don't disable my account when I'm so close to the goal.
They have you in Mind. I feel like they want to program their AI from your answers
that has never happened to me before. they usually don't give any explanations or never say sorry. you are a special one!
Yea, probably removed your post so they can you a survey form to fill. How else where they going to know about your feelings if they didn't first take down your post.
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