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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by andreaog, Sep 20, 2016.

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    Hi everyone, I've been reading Battleaxe post (whos been banned)

    and it inspired me to start an instagram journey. I''ve no experience at all with IG so i`'d like to ask a few question, I'm referring to the part highlited in red below.

    I will buy a bot or subscribe instagress to see how it goes.

    What does it mean autocommenting? Do I need to comment other people pix with hashtags?
    do I need as well to comment my own pix with hashtags as well? Do I need to mention other users in my comments? What kind of comments should i set?

    Thanks a million in advance.

    You should NOT auto-follow alot of people that just makes your followers/following ratio bad, no one wants to follow a person that got 30 followers and are following 2500 people.
    And auto-liking is a BAD option, sure you are going to increase your followers by liking alot of pictures, but you can easily speed up the process! By...AUTO-COMMENTING!
    Yeah you got that right, that is going to boost your followers!!:)

    Ok so i should AUTO-COMMENT!! But which hashtags should i choose?!
    Here's where alot of people FAIL because they choose "popular" hashtags like #love #f4f #l4l #followme #swag and the list goes on!
    The hashtags that you SHOULD use depends on your niche, let me give you guys a few examples.

    Fitness page-> #Fitness #gym #squats #workout #abs #bodybuilding #muscles #motivation #nutrition #fit

    Tattoo page -> #tattoo #tattoos #bodyart #tattooed #inked #ink #tattooedgirl #tatts #instatattoo #instatattoos #newtattoo #tats #sleeve #art #design

    Now these are just a few examples, but you should understand the point of this.
    Do NOT just comment by using random hashtags, target your audience!

    Thank you so much! But how do i avoid getting banned/comment locked?

    A year ago you would be able to comment every 3-5 second without getting banned but Instagram changed that and to avoid getting banned/comment locked i'd recommend you to run 300 comments a day on ONE account, that's what i do and i've never had a ban on me
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    Thanks this is actually helpfull tbh, i manually and also follow manually by scraping users but i get like 100 followers a day .. the people who get 2k a day i.jusy dont understand im waisting.hours to try out stuff but.not near results of some.