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    I created a blog a while back, telling about how i almost lost my baby, I recently posted a link to that blog on here, and a couple of people thought it would be a good idea to share the story with everyone here. This is truely an emotional and inspirational story. So I hope you all enjoy reading it, and hopefully some will learn a life lesson from my experience. So here it is.

    Three Signs From My "Angel"

    About a month ago my 8 month old baby girl "Jasmine Angel Leanne" changed my life forever in ways completely unimaginable. It was a hot summer day, and my two baby girls were suppose to go with their god parents to go shopping for clothes. We were getting them ready for the day, my wife had bathed them and we had dressed them. Jasmine aka "angel" was kinda tired, so i gave her a bottle to help her go to sleep. Not long after i had given her the bottle, she gave us the first sign. She started to projectile vomit everywhere. After a few episodes she stopped vomitting, but to me this was still enough to keep her home for the day. About an hour later her god parents showed up, and we let her sister go shopping with them. After all of the vomiting, angel seemed to be worn down, so we laid her on the couch to let her rest. A few minutes after i laid her down she let out a little fuss (sign 2), and being the softy that i am, i picked her up and held her while i played spades online. She was quiet and even smiling, but not even 2 minutes after i had picked her up i felt her head lightly thump my chest. Knowing something wasn't right, i started to lean her back, starting of the scariest moments of my life. I could feel her arms and legs trembling, and her eyes rolling in the back of her head, My little angel was having a massive seizure. I immediately had my wife call 911, and within 2 minutes paramedics were on the scene. They rushed her to childrens hospital, where she had another massive seizure, then they were able to get them to stop. She laid in ICU with tubes down her throat for a whole week before she was able to go home. During the time that we were in the hospital (the second day to be exact) I had went to buy some smokes down the street. While i was walking back i looked over at a wall, and it read as follows: " For the children, For Jazmyn" The name was spelled different, but it was still her name. The weirdest part about this part was that, there were many names on that wall, but i just happened to look up and even around a tree to see hers before i noticed any of the other names. That was the third sign from my angel. The next day i went to the hospital chapel to pray, and for the first time in my life i didn't ask god for one single thing, I just sat there and thanked him for saving my baby girl (My Angel). On the fourth day, i was on the elevator going down to get something to eat and an older woman spoke to me, and she said "You need to listen to me, you have to change your life, i know its been rough and you had a hard time growing up, but you need to become closer to him (pointing up towards god)" I was thinking she was kinda crazy, but then i thought, with the blessings i had received, maybe i should listen just in case, and that's when she said this: "Your little girl needs you, she needs you to guide her the right way". This lady had never met me, and did not even know i had a little girl, or did she? Signs from god are strong, and so are the signs that my own angel (my baby girl) gave me. Through all of this i learned not to take anything for granted because you can lose it just like that, and that I had been previously selfish in my prayers as well as non appreciative. For the first time in my life, I was truly thankful to god, and what he had done (not for me) But for my baby girl, (My Angel)