(Inspirational)Personal Story Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

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    Being in college I see so many people being judged based off of what they wear, what kind of car they drive, if they are athletic or not, honestly this pisses me off. I live outside of a big city and often I see many homeless people begging for money and for a while just like many others I continued to drive on and didn't think twice about it. This changed when one day I was at a local gas station and this man approached me. He said "Hey man I hate doing this type of stuff but do you have any money you could spare?" I said why do you need it? He said "My car is broke down, I am attempting to move back home with my family and get my life back together." Reluctantly I reached into my wallet and gave the man $40. He seemed so shocked by my generosity and stated "Wow thank you so much I only need $30 to get my car fixed though." He offered to get change and give me the $10 back but I told him to keep it and get a decent meal for his ride home or if he needed the money for gas use that. (He still had another 3 hours till he would be home, he had already drove 6 hours) He then asked for my address and immediately I was like WTF! He then noted when I get my life restored I intend to pay you back. Never expecting anything I decided to go ahead and give him my address.

    This was last year and something I totally forgot about, well last week I got a letter in the mail from someone I didn't even know. I decided to open it and there it was. A picture of this man with his family and a $100 Bill attached to the back of the photo. When I removed the $100 a note was underneath that said "Thank You For Everything"

    Honestly this has changed my life forever. Also check out the video below as it also reminds me of the fact to never judge someone until you actually know their story.

    Don't Just Skip To The Video Ready My Story Above, It May Just Change You!

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