Inspiration From Will Smith

definitely a good eye opener, you can be whatever you want.
i wanted to hear from hancock not will smith :(
Yeah I am a big fan of Will. Not Will the movie star, but Will the Motivationalist.
Inspiration and motivation are fleeting. The only thing that is real is action.

Nice video, but worthless if we are only temporarily inspired and do not work work work work...
'this is what i believe, and i'm willing to die for it'

it's a tough motto to live by. for the most part, for the most part....society rewards mediocrity. as if ..... if you just skate by doing the bare minimum at school, at work, at home...then it's all ok.

i think to break out and be the best of who you can be, you need to kinda go against what society expects of you....
MikeHustle... agree, we must take action, but most of us (maybe not you, but certainly me) need a little "wind beneath our wings"... THEN.. 100% agree action and work is the ticket.
I'm more of a DJ Jazzy Jeff fan
'this is what i believe, and i'm willing to die for it'

My life took a turn for better when I found something I was willing to live for. Death is inevitable, but life is a constant struggle for survival, and having that something that gives you a reason to keep fighting to live when the going is tough, is what lights the flame under my ass.
Love Will Smith, very real

Its all in your head - the beliefs, passion, knowing who you are and what you want is what's important.
Kim's voice makes me sooooo hard.........I love her cute lil emails
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