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Inspiration and I hope an idea for some of you...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ttmschine, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. ttmschine

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    Mar 27, 2013
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    I've not been on this forum for long but I've really found some of the posts to be quite inspirational, particularly the "get off your backside and DO something!" threads.

    So today, instead of sitting there waiting for the business to come to me, I decided to do just that - get of MY backside and DO something. I tried 3 things, one of which I hope might help some of you to find some businesses willing to spend money with you, more on that in a mo.

    My 3 tactics to bring in some money today were:

    1) Try and sell some domain names (I have loads, I chose 4 to try and sell);
    2) Try and get some web design business (simple stuff - 1 click install of wordpress, 5 pages for small businesses/1 man bands for £145 (takes about 3 to 4 hours from start to finish, so okay rate per hour and will charge them for hosting every year));
    3) Try to sell some advertising on a site of mine to businesses in the niche;

    Here's how it's gone so far and below (in no.2) is the tip I hope some of you will find useful:

    1) Selling domain names:
    domain 1: sold for £125 (cost £8 to register it), profit of £105 (I'll be paying the transfer fee of £12);
    domain 2: no reply as of yet;
    domain 3: had a firm offer of £100, but also in talks with someone else who is interested and thinks it's worth "a few hundred" - so at least a profit of £80, maybe quite a bit more, will update later;
    domain 4: no reply as of yet;

    2) Selling web design, and here's what I think some of you might find useful.

    I don't know if you get the same thing in the US or elsewhere, but in the UK you get these little booklets like "on your doorstep" that come through the post. They are basically just full of local businesses advertising, but the ads are crap, for an ad that is 1/8th of the page (i.e tiny) it's £39 + VAT per month, and I'm sure that most of the advertisers will get no response.

    What you'll find amazing is that if you look you'll see that 25%-35% of the advertisers do not have a website - but we already know they're willing to pay £39 + VAT per month to try and get some business - they aren't afraid to spend money to try and get customers.

    I reckon that I got a list of 25 - 30 small local businesses in my town that are potential customers, due to time constraints today I just emailed the ones who had an email address listed, which came to 10. I'll ring the rest early next week.

    So far out of those 10 I have 1 who wants a website at £145, but I hope that I'll get another 1 or 2 at least, I'm sure some of them will take a day or 2 to decide or even read their emails.

    They are ideal because they're already spending money, and which makes most sense - £39 + VAT per month for minimal response, or £145 for a website for a year? Remember most people look online for local services, not in booklets full of adverts.

    I have a reseller hosting package, so the cost for this is nil apart from my time, which is better spent at 3 to 4 hours knocking up a website than sitting here waiting for businesses to come to me.

    3) Selling advertising - only just finished emailing about 50 companies offering a sitewide link (the home page is PR3) for £10 per month (min of 3 months, or pay for 6 months get one month free (i.e. £50), or 12 months get 4 months free (i.e £80)) - no reply from this as yet - will update later).

    So far then today I've got a MINIMUM profit (excluding time) of £105 + £80 + £145 = £330, and hopefully there'll be some more to come in yet.

    Will update later, but even at that rate you're looking at £1500 per week if you can maintain the effort and conversions and you only work Mon-Fri.

    Hope you like the "on your doorstep" idea :)

    I wouldn't even have tried this if it wasn't for the results I've seen from others on BHW.