[Insight?] Brand / Buzz Building?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by PersiaGrai, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Good afternoon guys,

    So, i was wondering if anyone could share some wisdom, methods, techniques or anything else on any experiences they've had building a brand via Social Media.

    I know alot of internet marketing is stuff like affiliate marketing and adsense etc. where you drive traffic to a specific page, they buy something, you get paid and they never know who you are. What I'm using it for is a little different. I don't want to sell anything up front, but rather, get people to like / follow / engage with my pages & squeeze pages so i can build a relationship with them and eventually sell them on the brand itself. Basically build a fan base across the board. I've been following alot of forums and the advise of you wise ones its just difficult to try and apply some of the things in different settings. So has anyone had any experience with building up a page, brand or buzz?!

    I've done some Youtube Ranking, which is cool but its slow, & i'm starting from the ground up so all my money comes out of pocket, i only have a $500 monthly marketing budget so every dollar spent has to be a soldier but so far I've wasted alot on methods and things that didnt work or didn't make too big of a difference. Right now i'm trying a facebook ad method but its on hold.

    The only thing i'm opposed to is buying fake anything, i've spoken to high up executives in my industry that said it's a waste of time for me particularly and it looks bad to them.

    So i figured i might as well reach out to people who have more experience than i do. Thanks alot guys, happy belated new years. Lets make 14 a year of prosperity!
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    Just read the forum. There is tons of information just in the section. Read, search and act.