I was interested in purchasing this service and had agreed on the price with the seller. I wanted to clarify all the details since the seller does not offer revisions and seemed unsure about what he was selling. When I sent him a detailed list of things to be recorded, he informed me that the price had changed because I had contacted him 3 hours ago and had not yet paid. He also mentioned that he would increase the price again after an hour and then again tomorrow. After this, I decided to step back from the transaction. Now I understand why there is no feedback in his thread despite his fake screenshots between his own Telegram accounts. I suggest using a different service.
Attention: Secret Agent Is Searching for Nothing!

Firstly, I want to say that we are confident in what we sell. The question is, are you sure about what you're buying?

Secondly, the price depends on many factors, including the buyer's intellect. I decided to end the deal with this buyer as his behavior seemed problematic to me. I think many of you who work in e-commerce have encountered clients who not only skillfully waste your time but are also prone to blame everyone but themselves. This is a standard situation where maintaining professionalism and the ability to prioritize becomes key in our work.

Thirdly, regarding the fake screenshots... Oh, sir, you seem to be slightly mistaken! All our clients are from a world where the number one rule is to value confidentiality. We respect this rule. As for this gentleman, I admit, we could not provide the perfect service — my apologies. But believe me, the efforts were heroic!

By the way, you can join our Telegram channel and see everything for yourself, we look forward to hosting you
can you send sample for both facebook and google
I want to see exactly the information you get thank you
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