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    Time to get down to basics with SEO for 2016. This is the basic stuff people over look and frankly ignore that will make a huge difference in your success.

    Does content matter?

    Yes and no. Let me first address the 'no' answer.

    Can you rank with spun garbage content? Yes. Yes you absolutely can. Don't believe me? TRY IT. With enough SEO and resources you can rank garbage content. This is exactly why links matter. Until search engines completely ignore links you can still rank with crap content.

    Then why invest into good content?

    The answer and explanation to yes is even more simple. Depending how you are making money, quality content converts better. This is not for you adsense sites where you only want viewers to click on ads. This is for the sites where you make real money. The sites where you have a real offer or product you want content written to entice people to buy, take an action or convert.

    So yes, people who tell you content does not matter are absolutely right. Yet, at the same time, content is what converts people. Your number one ranking does not convert people, it just will get more eyeballs to your shitty offer.

    While we are on the subject of 'content is king' I will explain why that is FALSE. You can't rank number one in a hard niche without links no matter how good your content is. With enough time, manual out reach and niche presence you can rank some easy KWs. But for those who believe 'content is king' should try to take on a KW like 'Acne' or 'Casino' and see how that goes. It will not work no matter how hard you try.

    The role content plays is to convert the people on your website. Not get people to your website.

    Anchor Diversity Bro

    Anchor text is a lovely topic people LOVE to talk trash about. This is a nice segue from content because this is a lot about content as well. You do some KW research and find a nice KW with high search volume and low competition. For example sake, 'Best Color Pencils' will be the term I use.

    You spin an article and put it up on an adsense site. You blast the site with links. 1% exact match anchor text and the rest as naked and branded anchor text. You think you are doing everything right. Except you are not.

    What I do and people I have met who make real 'bank' do things differently. Rather than spin an article about 'best color pencils' they will pay a top writer to write a converting article about:

    - Best Color Pencils
    - Best Colour Pencils
    - Color Pencils
    - Colour Pencils
    - Best Color Pencil Brands
    - Best Colour Pencil Brands
    - Rose Art Color Pencils
    - Crayola Color Pencils
    - Rose Art Colour Pencils
    - Crayola Colour Pencils
    - Etc.

    The people who 'make it' give their writer a list of several KWs the article should be about. One KW is the seed KW or the topic of the article. This is your money 'KW' you want to rank. So for this example it would be 'Best Color Pencil'.

    What are all the other KWs? Other EASY KWs or Long Tail KWs which you can rank with minimal work within the same content piece.

    Let us take a step back for a minute and look at this practically.

    Seed KW is Color Pencils, and has 5,000 searches.

    - Best Color Pencils - 500
    - Best Colour Pencils - 250
    - Color Pencils - 10000
    - Colour Pencils - 3000
    - Best Color Pencil Brands - 475
    - Best Colour Pencil Brands - 225
    - Rose Art Color Pencils - 250
    - Crayola Color Pencils - 1000
    - Rose Art Colour Pencils - 100
    - Crayola Colour Pencils - 350

    Yes, I completely made these numbers up. But your little article about 'Best Color Pencils' had a projected traffic estimate of 5000. You add in all your other LSI, Long Tail and Easy Competition KWs and you get around 22,000 search volume total.

    One of the Key Words is medium competition and 10,000 searches. The rest? Fairly easy.

    Then, when it comes time for you to do your SEO campaign you do not need to worry about anchor text ratio. Why? Everyone knows you should use a majority of branded or naked URL. Most people have read to keep your exact match anchor text at 1%. But when you see that anchor text ratio in Majestic SEO, you know it is a SEO website, right?

    Real websites never have a 1% perfect match. Real websites do not have a 5% generic anchor text ratio. Real Websites do not have a piece of content written to target a single KW.

    If you follow my method of article writing your content costs are far lower as you have less articles to rank. You SEO cost are far lower because every link is helping every KW rank. When you use exact match anchors you are really using one of ten anchors evenly, preventing any over optimization. You also prevent content cannibalization because your single article is targeting several KWs at once and no other article will be about the seed article or any of the other LSI, long tail or alike easy KWs.

    Adsense is the WORST option

    We all get it. You have an 'Adsense Authority Site' and dream one day of making MILLIONS a year with it. Here is the problem.... On a good day you get $1 per click. Most days you get $.10 per click. You will not see money until you have thousands of visitors a day.

    Even when you have the traffic, the income is low. You have a lot of articles to rank at that and the ROI is low if you do manage to rank everything.

    Or, you could focus on selling a product or service and make a LOT more for every conversion.

    Let us just assume you have an Amazon Associate site where you sell a $50 product. Same conversion rate as Adsense for argument sake. A single conversion on Adsense caps out at $1. For Amazon it caps out at 8% of the entire shopping cart. Let us aim low and presume you are at a low end of 2.00 for an order, which is 4% and assumes only one item is purchased. That is double your cap on Adsense earning for a single conversion.

    Sure, getting people to click an ad is easier BUT with ad blocker and most niches, Amazon will convert better.

    Have your own product, brand, and mailing list? You make a LOT more.

    You can make a KILLING with Adsense, but if you are counting on traffic from SEO, you have FAR BETTER options.

    - CPA
    - Amazon
    - Clickbank
    - Email Lists
    - Data Mining
    - Your own Product
    - Ebay Associates
    - Membership fees
    - Training
    - Ebooks
    - Etc

    You have a lot of better options to make money. You need to pick the right option for your website and niche. Some will convert better than others. But I can guarantee you that the easy way is not always the best way.

    Pulling it all together....

    This is fairly basic stuff. You want converting content, to maximize the efficacy of your investment and to make the best ROI possible.

    The Guru mentality is that you can make more by follow a specific method or system. Gurus tell you content is king, or you can make money with spun garbage. Anyone who 'helps' you has a motive. I do. The smarter people get who I help and he more resources they have it directly helps me if I ever need some help or have a question to ask.

    But most of these Gurus have a course or a secret sauce service to offer you.

    The best bet is the sniff test. If someone tells you SEO or IM is dogmatic and only one way is the right way, they want to sell you something. If they tell you there is more than one way to skin a cat, they may have honest advice for you.

    Write converting content, target more than one KW and figure out the best way for yur niche to make money. It is that easy. If you do that you will make bank in IM.
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    writing must be your passion, this is the third article i read from you today.
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    WOW, I got another good reading thing tomorrow morning

    thx as always
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    I found it true in my case too. But my actual question is , "Then why White Hat is too important for ranking on SE ""? If i fulfill all the requirements for ranking 1st on google by only White Hat , then why links are needed when google and other search engines appear my site on top ?
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    If you are ranking number one without links, great.

    Most niches worth being in require links.
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    Good read..

    does anyone have a good guide or pointer to ratio of various links whilst building pbn or web 2s?

    something like this perhaps?

    20% - (anchor link to site)
    20% - (no anchor)
    30% - my exact keyword (anchor link to site)
    30% - click here for more info (anchor link to site)