Innovative new daily deal site needs ranking and traffic

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    I'm partaking in launching daily deal site based on an innovative new business model (as compared to GroupOn et al). Generally speaking, we are the first on the scene with this model, but group buy sites are not new so advertising will be competitive. Since our model is different, we are concerned that aggregators like OneSpout, DealRadar, or DealSurf may not pick up our deals and we'll lose potential traffic from these sites.

    We've a general sense of SEO and marketing, but would like to work with someone well versed in this branch rather than fumbling around ourselves. We have spent thousands on designing the site and tens of thousands on having it coded (in progress). We'd like to launch by year end 2011 and realise there will be a cost associated with marketing properly for maximum exposure, rather than simply relying on word of mouth. As with daily deal sites, we plan to have limited time deals on our site (though they may or may not be limited to one day); there will be new content posted and user interaction on the site.

    Our focus at launch is major Canadian cities; we are based in Toronto. Depending on our success, our next step is to launch in major US cities. Social media integrated will be Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. There may be mobile apps integrated for iPhone and Android platforms (under consideration).

    Offline marketing under consideration is radio advertising and print advertising (specifically on 680News and in the daily free newspaper Metro).

    Without exhaustive investigation, it seems Google PPC will be somewhat expensive, especially using keywords like "groupon". Obviously, the answer to marketing will involve multiple facets, so we'd like proposals for what a successful, comprehensive marketing campaign should consist of with approximately cost. If you have experience and are capable of providing such talent, please get in touch.