Innovative backlinks post-Penguin

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ThopHayt, Aug 10, 2012.

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    What are some innovative types of backlinks that you've noticed since Penguin drove most the typical spammy links underground? What's been gaining importance lately in other words...

    Things like YT, social, and ultra high PR seem to be working... but I have to believe that there's something more that we've been over looking. Any ideas...
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    If I told you, it'd give away my secret. ;) That's why I only share only so much.
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    The same links work now as they did before penguin, with the exception of some toxic paid links which are apparently sending negative link juice. Google wants you to spend your money with them and not anyone else. :) Be cautious with paid links and you should be ok for now.

    I just completed another site today and am sending a good amount of links to it. The homepage, for example, will have just under 350 different anchor texts pointing to it. Over the weekend the inner pages will be backlinked as well using hundreds of variants per page. Within ten days this site will be on page one for its primary keyword. I've done this countless times and the only thing I have to show for it is a bigger wallet. It works and works even better after penguin. The big problem I see is domain crowding, but I'm avoiding those niches for now because Google is giving way to much weight to domain authority for me to overcome it in less than thirty days.

    My best performing sites through all of Google's shit have many different anchors pointing to them.
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    pain in the ass cabbie
    Mind telling us what types of links you are building and what you are using for anchor texts? Rather how you are coming up with such a varied list that still is relevant?