Information overload or what!

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    Aug 9, 2008
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    Hi to all,
    First this is a great forum for newbies like myself, and has loads of great people who are willing to help us all get along in the various niches.

    loads of ideas, methods etc but I would like to see something like abbreviations lists to explain to newbies what the cl,ppc etc mean. maybe when passing on a method it could include, "ideal for ppc" or something like that.

    Also could each area like ppc, cl, etc be put into a section so we newbies could go through each section and be totally focused on that section without being lured to another thread anouncing something else and taking us of on another tangent without fully understanding what is going on.

    I am sure for you seasoned members it all seems straight forward but to a newbie its a massive task trying to focus on one thing.

    As you were!
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    sure we could make an abbreviations list. And there already are sections for most everything.