Infographics, how do you use these for SEO

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    So if I created a great bit of graphic work and posted to my website, how will that help in SEO?

    Do I ask other sites to link back to teh graphic? Or do I make sure my domain name is on the graphic?

    Anyone clear this up for me. I think i may be a but dumb today so apologies if its a basic question
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    It's no different than any other image, really, except that you're going to distribute it. If the graphic is on your website, make sure the keywords that matter for that page/site are in the name of the file (ie internetmarketingsuccess.jpg). Of course make sure your site URL/domain is on the picture somewhere, especially if you're going to give it out or post it in different places. When you do post it, make sure you write a description with a link to your site.

    I'd recommend posting it on and sites like that, and using your keyword for the description. Post it to tumblr. Post it to your blogs. Backlink to it from relevant keywords and if you're lucky, people will start finding it themselves.

    Since it's a single infographic, I'm not sure that this will do a whole lot. But if you plan to make many of them, then you could definitely do this for each and drive traffic over time.
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    depending on what it is I guess the best thing to do would be to 'brand' it with your URL then post it to Digg, reddit etc and try and get it to go viral.

    oh and make sure you post it to Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr etc with a link back to your homepage! Anything image based the ultimate goal is to get as many shares or reposts as possible so basically putting it onto social networks and social bookmarking sites is a must.
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