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    I have a small niche that makes me $500/month on autopilot. Not a lot of money, but hey It's all setup with an auto responder and ebook I wrote for it myself that sells for $27. Every now and then I'll setup another niche and automate it the same way, so after a few niches it really adds up. Best of all it's automated, I only do the hard work in the beginning. Here is my method, some of this might be old but I hope you'll find some new tips...

    - Do some market research. Find a small niche (the smaller the better especially as a newbie) It's best if the niche already has 2-3 competitors because then you can checkout their site, their traffic, even buy their product to see if it's any good, and find out if they are actually selling before you start

    - Once you find a good niche, setup a landing page (3-5 bullets of benefits in a free report you'll send them) to get people to give you their name and email address and they'll also be subscribed to your newsletter (use getresponse or aweber or phplist-which is free).

    Here is an example bullet that sounds enticing "Find out how I lost 6 pounds in 10 days without exercising and while still enjoying my favorite junk foods". Your report doesn't have to be long 5-10 page pdf.

    - To get people to your landing page do keyword research for 3-4 keyword long phrases, setup wordpress blog, and write 20-30 keyword optimized articles (throughout each article have links to your landing page to get opt-ins)

    - To get search engine traffic you must build backlinks. There are two quick way to do this is.

    Find other blogs related to your niche and write guest posts for them. They will love you. In you guest post link back to your own blog posts using keyword optimized anchor text.

    The second way is to use software like Article Post Robot and submit articles to lots of article directories at once. In the "author box" of each article link back to your blog posts or landing page (for newsletter optin)

    - Within a month you'll start getting lots of traffic from search engines and you'll start getting optins. After you have 100 newsletter subscribers do a survey, and find out their biggest needs, wants or frusterations related to your niche.

    - Take most common topics that came up in your survey results and use them as an outline for your ebook.

    - Do some research on each topic and write out your ebook, make a sales page for it, and sell it (have a link to buy it at the end of every newsletter). Make sure payment and ebook delivery is 100% automated (just use paypal or ejunkie)

    - At this point you have your money printing machine. All you gotta do is increase traffic to your site until you're bored with the niche and you can just start a new one.

    While you wont be making a ton of money at first, it's 100% on auto-pilot. If anyone can add to this method go for it, I'd like to get your input.
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