Info on Instagram and Bluestacks (sharing picts)

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    In case there are those who do not know this, I am sharing something I just figured out.

    BlueStacks is a free program you can download onto your computer that will allow you to use android apps.

    I noticed that you can also share photos via bluestacks on Instagram..

    First install root explorer along with instagram via bluestacks, (you can even create account on instagram too this way)

    What you do is open instagram, then click the share photo button, then click the root explorer option, then..
    navigate: "mnt/sdcard/bstfolder/documents" which is actually your computers document folder :)

    what I then did was create a folder in my documents then made a shortcut onto my desktop, so now all i have to do is drop picts in there and when I open instagram via bluestacks, the picts are there ready to share.

    It took me a min to figure this out, I am sure there may be other navigation methods, but never the less, there yah go, if you didn't know this.

    BTW this in on win7 64 bit, not sure if the navigation will be the same on other OS's
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