Influence of links to websites ranking results!!!

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    Influence of links to websites ranking results!!!
    The link to (inbound links) are links from other sites pointing to your website. Quantity and quality of links to (inbound links) has become one of the factors (coefficients), the most important in the ranking algorithm of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask / Jeeves and search engines Search the other.It is a simple principle. If there are two identical sites but differ in the number of links to, the page that has links to many more would have a higher ranking.

    -You will get more benefit from the good target link (inbound link)
    Other sites that send you new visitors through the link. If you have 500 links to your site and each site sends on average only 3 visitors per day will have 1.500 visitors per day. All the major search engines use link popularity to rank sites. If your site has a higher link popularity, then you will have high rankings on search engines. To improve the link popularity of you (and to improving the ranking index), you must have links to (inbound links) well. The exchange reciprocal links with other sites to build a large link directory. It is also a plentiful source of customers for you.

    The target links (link inbound):
    ? Need to come from Web sites involved.
    ? It includes the keywords you want to rank high in search engines.
    ? Do not place the link text the same 100% at all sites. This will not be considered natural for the search engine.
    ? Should contain text link different but related to only search engines that your website has valuable information about a particular subject.

    Note: When you have the link to your website, please attach importance to quality, not quantity. Do not register your website to sites that can register freely for hundreds of links every day. The search engines do not like these systems and the quality of these links are generally very low. Better than focusing on fewer links with higher quality. Do not apply the tools to automate the registration link, because that could mean the end for your web site to search engines that you are spam. Remember, your goal is the number of visitors, the highest position of the keyword and the rapid development of the site.

    Will be updated later...
    Here is report of 50 backlinks PR 5-9 for all. :)

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    zeta reticuli
    Nice way to promote your site and SEO service!
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    Hey there, thanks for your great report : ) how are you indexing them? as i can see some of your profiles have 1-2 backlinks? is it good idea to blast this profiles with xrumer or SB? or just let big G to found this link their own way?

    Thanks and sry for my english i know it sucks..