Indonesian Website -> Wierd organic traffic from the USA which stays on homepage ? (HELP)

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    I have question about problem with my site which is in Indonesia language (otopos[dot]net - i bought it recently ) and I found that there is a biggest traffic from organic for keyword called ?fungsi snap ring?, it says this traffic is from google. When i go to google and search ?fungsi snap ring? it shows me my web as or 2.nd on the first page, which is pretty good, but it is showing the article about fungsi snap ring when i click on that link in SERP it move to the article about that snap rings (which is good too).

    What i see its wierd, that sometimes in a day there is in one second maybe 20 people online (almost 1-2 times in hour) via analytics and it says they come from ?fungsi snap ring? keyword? but they are all on the homepage and not on that article with the keyword, which is wierd. Almost all the people will bounce (so bounce rate is high but not 100%) there, i looked on the traffic and i saw that all the people which is doing this like that are from USA and not from Indonesia, which is wierd too..

    I thought that its some sort of spammers to mask analytics or something but dont know, why this is organic and for this keyword, when i look for traffic stats for it says that the biggest part of traffic is from USA which is wierd if this is Indonesian website. It says everyday will come from this keyword maybe 500-600people which i think its not a small traffic (60-70% of my all organic). Do you know what is it ? Or why is it? ( i will add a screenshots below)

    When i added site to Google Webmaster Tools ( Search Console ) and i wanted to see analyze of search, i see that there are the best keywords which are most clicked from google, and the keyword ?fungsi snap ring? is not there, also it says that there is 80% Indonesia traffic which in googleanalytics i have maybe 20-30% Indonesia.

    Anyway i have adsense on this website and when i look for who made profit/clicks on ads, it says that majority of clicks are from the USA, which i dont know how it is possible if this site is in Indonesian (and its exclude the thought about some spam bots).

    Screens of wierd traffic:


    - as you can see there that they are from US, they are ONLINE NOW ( I captured that in that time) and they came from ?fungsi snap ring? but all they are on hompage which is wierd. No one is on that article which is raking on SERP on that keyword.

    Thank for any help and thoughts which could help me recognize what is it. Or any informations. Thanks.

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