Individual USA Business Operation Verification Getting Failed.


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Nov 9, 2015
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Hello Everyone hope you are doing well.
I have been trying to verify business operation verification from last 15 days and every time I am getting the same reply.


I have explained each and everything, i have even provided all the documents. but verififcation is keep geting failed with the same reason. my advertiser identity is already verified.

is there anyone who can help. Thank You
There was / is some campaign existing in that Google Ads account [no matter even if it is paused or no matter even if it is removed (deleted)].
So, for example, if that campaign was / is related to mobile phones, but the business docs you submit to Google Ads (for verification) relates to a vegetable business (business selling vegetables), then no matter what, the verification will keep failing.
The business docs submitted for Google Ads business verification(s) must DIRECTLY relate to any and every campaign the exists or even existed in a respective Google Ads account. Period.
And, if the business / website being advertised in not DIRECTLY related to the business docs that you submit, in other words affiliate marketing, reseller, etc, then IN ADDITION to the business docs that you submit about your business, you will have to ALSO submit proof (docs) showing that your business is authorised by that (those) parties, to advertise their products or services. Ans, yes, nowadays, the verifications part of business verifications for Google Ads, is done manually by human beings at Google Ads.
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