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    So I am a member of a premium link exchange service, and they don't let you submit your site unless 2 or more pages are indexed by Google. One of my blogs I made 2 weeks ago, just will not index any of the interior pages, only the main page is indexed. I have a ton of blogs that I pass thru the same creation process, and all my other blogs - even ones created same time are fully indexed.

    I went above and beyond my normal steps for this blog which include:
    -Mass pinging on multiple different service sites
    -Social bookmarking, i.e. Digg, Kaboodle, delicious
    -blogg commenting
    -linked to the interior pages from one of my established sites
    -few forum posts
    -pinged and more pinged.

    I'm motivated by this frustration, anyone have any insight?

    edit: What alarms me is that I have close to 30 blogs (all wordpress) and 99times out of 100 the mere act of installing WP on the pages indexes them within days.
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    I've had the same problem in the past even with an established site some pages are almost impossible to get indexed no idea why.

    What usually works for me is dropping the link at, a high PR (3+) Twitter account and retweet it a couple of times (if you have more than one account) and a post from an established Blog (which you've done).

    1) Has the post from the established Blog been indexed?
    2) Is it an adult related site?
    3) Have you checked Webmaster tools for errors?
    4) Is the content unique or scraped?
    5) Have you checked for spider visits using Cpanel log files

    Otherwise sadly apart from more links you'll have to wait :(
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