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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by locobastard, Jul 8, 2011.

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    Say there's a high pr (pr7-8), do-follow forum thread that I want to add a reply to with a link to my page. The thread is 10 pages long and only page 1 is showing pr in the google page rank add on. The other 9 pages are showing pr 0. For the link juice of the first page to reach my link (my link would be on page 10) would I have to get google to index those other 9 pages? Also, by the time the link juice reaches my page after going through the other pages, will the link juice have diminished so much that it's not even worth indexing them? Oh, and pages 1-8 are over a year old. So I'm guessing the reason the pages aren't showing pr wouldn't be because Google didn't update.
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    How high is the PR of the forum homepage?
    How many out bound links are on the page where your link is?

    If the site PR is high enough and the obl's are low enough just start hammering the page with scrapebox using your keywords. Not only will it get indexed but you can give it some PR of its own.

    One of things I look for when buying Higher PR domains is links from old pages with low obl's on high PR sites. At first glance those links really do not seem like much but if they are a few years old, the chances of them being deleted is low, and if they are on a large PR 6 or above site with a lot of interior pages with PR I can hammer the hell out of that page and give it some PR of its own. Basically the same principle as using web 2.0 sites but the links are older which Google seems to give more weight and you do not have to worry about somebody deciding your blog is spam and deleting it. That three or four year old blog post is never going to get deleted unless they completely redo the site.