Indexed and Ranked in 2 Days..Linkbuild?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jgeeked, Aug 19, 2011.

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    So, I made my first ever website, and since it has been indexed on all search engines and ranks on Google and Yahoo. However the rankings are not that good.

    For one keyword on Google I rank at 44, and for the same keyword I rank 14 on Yahoo.

    This is my first site, so I was wondering if it's safe now to link-build? I have a copy of ScrapeBox.

    I also have has the site drip-feed to around 90 search engines and pinged.

    Would like to hear any suggestions etc from people who know what they are doing lol (unlike me)
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    Yeah its safe to build backlinks. But do it consistently and slowly. Dont be too aggressive in building backlinks. try to maintain backlinks diversity, backlinks variety and you can see good results. I would never recommend you to use SB with huge autoapprove list as that might bring penalty to your site. Do it at your own risk. You can scrape high PR pages related to your keyword and can manually post blog comments using SB. that way it would be safe. As a suggestion, first go for social bookmarking, then try to get some solid contextual backlinks from top article sites and web 2.0 site and then you can go for forum profile links or edu links. If you follow all of the above i mentioned then you will surely see yourself ranking well.
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