Indexation of the backlinks submitted with MS and GSA

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    hey guys!
    I use Magic Submitter and GSA for submitting backlinks to my moneysites. I get hundreds of successful backlinks for each website at different blog platforms but the indexation rate for them is very low. Ahrefs shows awful results.
    I use Tier 2 with PLIGG, other blog platforms, wiki and so on. I also have a Backlinksindexer account for backlinks submitted with MS, and GSA Backlinks Indexer for GSA verified backlinks.
    Today I decided to check for live backlinks submitted almost a month ago for one of my websites. There are 627 live backlinks (I checked it with ScrapeBox) but only 57 of them are indexed by google.
    What can you recommend for a better indexing for these days? Without proper indexing all my hard work is a waste of time. Maybe I should build more powerful Tier 2 or possibly there are other tools that are more efficient than backlinksindexer and GSA backlinks indexer, what are your suggestions?
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    best thing i used to use was xrumerr but that seems to destroy rankings now so id like to know myself!
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    You are absolutely right that if you don't index your links or atleast get them crawled your hard work is really a waste!

    Google became more picky nowadays about backlink indexing, especially for low quality ones, on overspammed domains and etc..

    Try pinging them all and build more tiers to the backlinks themselves
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    Yeh, indexing is becoming a huge PITA not just for you, but for a lot of people.

    It seems its getting worse and worse as the months go by. So you need to
    adapt and develop a better indexing strategy. Send links to multiple indexing
    sites. Build backlinks to your backlinks. Do everything you can to get google
    to notice them.

    BTW, I use GSA too but did not buy their SEO indexer. I save all my links in a
    file, and order a fiver gig to drip feed them in lindexed. I've been liking the results
    I'm seeing with lindexed so I will continue to do this. And I may also send them
    to a second indexing site like indexification.
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    Try building as many backlinks as possible, then look for those domains that index quick. Those would be the ones that you should be regularly using.

    You could try building backlinks to your live links, forum posts, blog posts and all seem to do the trick, but you have to ensure that your tier 1 links are of top quality.
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