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SEO Duke

Jul 19, 2021
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The backlink article is indexed on Google but doesn't appear on SEO tools. Is there a method to ensure its visibility on SEO tools?
Refreshing the data of one of the keywords it ranks for should do the trick in most cases.
Which SEO tools ?
Like semrush, ahrefs, moz

Are you talking about any specific popular tools like ahref or SEMrush?

Recently I have noticed that ahref is ignoring some backlinks while we already knew that ahref bot was better.
Yes, I am talking about the famous tools. Specially, semrush, ahrefs, moz

Refreshing the data of one of the keywords it ranks for should do the trick in most cases.
Is it possible in Semrush?
Is it possible in Semrush?
Why does it matter though? It still counts anyways. Maybe the website itself is blocking those specific spiders from acessing and crawling the website
SEO tools often lag behind Google's index. They don't crawl the web as frequently as Google does, so it's not uncommon for backlinks to show up in search results well before they're visible in tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz. Give it time. These tools will eventually catch up, but it can take weeks or even months, depending on their crawl rates and your backlink's site authority.
It could be due to a delay in your database updates. Make sure your content is optimized and consider manually submitting the URL to the tools for indexing.
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