Independent Artist looking to "Fake a following" to make a following

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    Feb 9, 2016
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    Hey, This should be interesting, If It's pulled off right, I would like to have everything at a reasonable 7k consistent fans, and the rest, honestly overkill.
    If you like hip hop That's a plus, maybe you could tell me which songs don't suck.
    It will help me, book shows, jump to the top of the list, Get Customers, Sell beats, Gofundme or kickstarter can be started with credibility.
    Here is what I hope for, Bots or not IDC, it's all about someone stopping by and it already looking like a thing.

    Twitter, 21,000 followers. (Some repeat activity TBD)
    Soundcloud- 6,000 followers. Some plays, Scattered about.
    Tumblr- 10,000 followers

    Possibly a couple other soundclouds as I might be able to hustle some cash out of this myself.
    Pm me here
    Look forward to hearing from you, appreciate your time.
    I don't use skype, sorry.

    Some SEOtips, or help, if possible.