Increasing your Moderated Blog Comment Approval rate: Basic Method + Pics + Downloads

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    Auto approve blog comments are definitely still a quick and easy way to get backlinks and advertising for your website, and they do still hold value, but due to ever increasing abuse, the value can disappear before it ever had a chance to impact your rankings. So for this reason, my new focus has been on increasing my approval rate on moderated blogs, and after reading my method, you may want to shift your focus as well, especially if you are concerned about long term results.

    The basic method puts emphasis on updating and adjusting your automated settings every day, to coincide with major events taking place around the world on that particular day, week, or month depending on how important or well known the event is. For the example today, we will be focusing on the Olympic Games, but you can also use things like the World Cup, World Series, Religious Holidays, Major Movie Premiers, Celebrity Gossip, etc.

    The settings which you will be changing every day are the comments you use, and the blogs that you post to. By spending a few minutes every day to adjust these, you will dramatically increase your approval rate on moderated blogs, and give yourself higher quality, longer lasting backlinks. You will probably even get replies from the blog moderator or other blog readers, therefore getting more attention to your site.

    Ok, so that is the basics of who, what and why, now I will try to break things down to show you how to go about implementing this method. Of course you will always achieve the best results putting your own spin on this, but it should help you to get things going.

    The Comments

    When commenting, it is always best to try to relate the comment to the blog, but that isn't always possible when we scale things up massively, so the more generic and globally relatable you can make it, the better. The key here is that we want the comments to relate to something current, that the blog owner/moderator is likely familiar with. We want them to think that even if our comments are off topic, we may still just be a random visitor looking to get to know them better. A simple comment relating to the Olympic Games might be "Wow, I can't believe how well China is doing this year at the Olympics. Do you think the United States will pass them in total medal count? Not sure if you are following the Olympics this year, it's pretty great!"

    The Blogs/Articles

    Another important thing for getting high approval rates, is to try to avoid commenting on the same article that many others are commenting on. Blog owners MAY get suspicious if 1 article recieves hundreds of comments in 1 day, especially since most commenters will be lazy and not using quality comments, or may be using the same comments as you. In that case, the blog owner is more likely to just delete anything that looks even a little suspicious or off topic. The way you go about avoiding that, is when you take a keyword list, add a random letter, short word, or number using the "Load Footprint List" button. Just save a short word/letter/number in a text file, then after you input your keyword list, merge that Footprint and your results should be much different then others.


    The Downloads

    .Txt file with generic spun blog comments relating only to the Olympic Games. These comments will be no good after a week or so, so remember to replace them after. They are in spyntax so the program you use them with must be capable of using that, or you will need to re-write them yourself before using. There is only 3 comments, but if you need ideas on what kind of comments might work, maybe this will inspire you.

    .Txt file with keywords relating to the Olympic games, including many famous Olympic Athletes, Events, and other keywords which should help you find blogs and articles related to the Olympics. Remember to use an additional footprint with your scrape as mentioned above, to ensure you arent just scraping the same results as everyone else. There are several hundred very targeted keywords included which should help you scrape a few thousand targeted results depending on the footprints you use with them.

    No virustotal needed, it's just text files. :)

    Hopefully at least one person finds this useful and helps you increase your success rates!
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