Increasing Views Help


Jul 22, 2008
Ok, I have gotten everything down from makin the vids,commenting,grabbing friends,etc. I use tube increaser and I am just curious when I should stop increasing views? I have vids that have over 10k views and over 40 or so seperate ratings. Weigh in and thanks for your time.
I'm always really cautious with TubeIncreaser... I've only added 5-6K views to mine so far, just to see if I get banned. My vids aren't for making money, though, so maybe Youtube is passing a blind eye...

Tagging onto OP's question... is there a set ratio for views/ratings/comments that we should achieve?

Obviously, a vid with 5 million views and 2 ratings is going to be caught. So where's a safe middle ground?
There is none. I usually boost around 8-10 thousand views before boosting anything else. But there is no hiding from youtube, you boost you get banned. end of story. You may get away with increasing views, but you fake ratings or anything else it will catch up to you. you just have to stay one step ahead.
Thanks for the reply. I am very careful with increasing ratings. I increase a few vids on my channel and never use the accounts I used to increase the ratings for anything else. After you boost for say 10k or so do ya just leave the channel alone or keep going at it?
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