Increasing the revenue of "recipes" website?

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to ask for advice here:) I am sorry for my bad English because it is not my primary language.

    Currenty I am running a pretty big recipe website, most of the visitors are older women. The problem is that the website is in Lithuanian. So working with adsense sucks - 0,06 eur cost per click is a pain in the ass. Usually I get around 10000 unique visitors per day (this amount triples in October and December because of the Christmas). It's may sound that it is not that many visitors maybe but for a small market like this it is. We are the 2nd most visited website in this category.

    So I decided that it is time to bring this website to a new level and maybe you can give me some advice of what should I do. Because I just don't want to just do it, I want to have some kind of plan on this.

    The first idea is to start dropshipping - start a small shop with kitchen stuff. (I am new into it)
    The problem, people don't have that much money here and a lot of women already know aliexpress perfectly.
    The second problem - very small market, some big companies own google already.
    The third problem - if you sell stuff that is priced higher than 30 euros you have to pay extra taxes in the customs which almost doubles the price of the item.

    Solution? You tell me. Any chance of finding a good dropshipping company in Europe that there would be no taxes in the customs. Maybe Amazon which is based in the UK? Still they don't send much stuff to Lithuania.

    The second idea is to start translating recipes into other languages (english, german, polish, russian). Which means I would register some kind of eu domain for it. Make english the primary language and make /lithuanian/ as the part of. Having some traffic already would help me get indexed by google better in other languages. Maybe adding dropshipping to different languages would be an awesome thing too because I saw people who are making tons of money in that area.

    The problem is that I am not sure if this would pay off because translations cost a lot of money.
    So I hope you can help me with ideas because I am pretty stuck right now (the brain is going crazy) and I really need to improve the income of this website if it is possible.

    P.S. I had ideas about affiliating and putting links in my website but...:) There are no affiliates in Lithuania except for adult websites and older women just don't got there and don't by the premium accounts.
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    Home Page:
    -create mailing list
    -create recipe ebook and sell it
    -not sure if aliexpress have affiliate but maybe try it too
    -contact some eshops in you country maybe you can make some deal
    -maybe try sell guest posts?

    -likejack visitors and then spam fb page or sell it
    -sell anti aging pills :D