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    Lets imagine for a moment that you are advertising an imaginary product that you are selling that people desperately want. Lets say you are advertising... a product on how to find your lost puppy. People obviously want to find their puppies, and so they are desperately looking for an answer. Of course, we know that the answer is found in our $39 ebook, lololol.

    I've been researching and found two general ways to make a website about this ebook. They are as follows-

    • Create a blog all about finding lost puppies. It is a perfectly readable, simple but nice design. It has a lot of good content. There is a pinned blog post that gives advice, and has affiliate links littered throughout in the form of anchor links. On the side, there are banners advertising your ebook. There is also a email submit form. On the top, it advertises a page on their site that (positively) reviews said product. Product is advertised in other blog posts.
    • Create a blog that doesn't really look much like a blog (but is one). It basically takes you through 3-5 pages. The first page tells you how to prepare to look for your puppy, the next tells you where to find the tools, the third tells you how to get started... then you click on he fourth and BOOM, email submit. Submit your email to get the "magical" fourth step. The email then advertises your ebook. The website also contains a general blog with good content. It doesn't advertise the product ANYWHERE onsite.
    So what do you think converts more? The first site obviously pushes the product from the get-go. However; using this in conjunction with adwords might get you banned or a high CPC since there is affiliate links in the post (or is that my ignorance talking?). But there is less required to get to the links, since they're all over the site.

    The second website basically builds up trust. There is no product on the site. It contains quality content with NO ads. Plus its will basically glide through the adwords test. But, the user has to go through 3-5 pages and then further enter an email for you to even advertise to them.

    Both are used. I can't tell which is best :confused: the 2nd one seems the best to me since it builds up trust between you and the user, though I can't help but wonder... do users actually sift through all of that. How many purchases could you ever get.