Increased CTR not just with Title Tag Alone But Little Twist to My .......


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Dec 3, 2015
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Did I get your attention or Not? Well, That was the same thing I did to my "Meta Description" Instead of having it filled with loads of text that describes the page vistors about to click.

I have " .......... " to trick them into clicking the link to read more.

So, Come up with 1-2 lines then instead of completing the actionable part of the "Meta Description" complete it with "Dots".First, it makes it seem the text get shrink by Google & Second, It has helped tremendously improve my CTR on different Trials.

I bet it will help you as well. :cool::):)

Thats great. Alot of webmasters will wont consider ctr as a ranking factor but i do believe it is one of my them from my recent experience. Thanks for the tip.
Good trick! I might test it out :)
I'm definitely testing this and the emoji thing. Made a lot sense to me. Smart move Topiano :)
Do I have to fill meta description with dots? With no words at all?
Hahaha, clever!

I couldn't believe what happened next...
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