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Nov 30, 2007
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You Made A Great Decision?

Here is what you will get with the system?.

* 15 Step By Step Instruction Videos - You can watch over my shoulder as I show
you how I perform each of the simple daily tasks in just 30 to 60 minutes each day.

* List Of Free Resources - Everything you need to succed with this system is available 100% free on the internet. You will get access to all the links and urls you need in order to succeed.

* Your Daily Task Planner - Just follow and watch the videos as I have set them up
for you and you don?t even have to worry about what you have to do next.

* *Free Bonus* Keyword Research Video - This video alone is probably worth twice as much as all the other videos combined. It shows you how to exploit your keywords for more traffic.

* And a lot more?


Enjoy Traffic !


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Hi everyone,

I suggest that there is a massive difference between traffic and qualified traffic.

Tire kickers and desperation dreamers and those ppl who will actually buy/generate money for you from the site - so give me quality not quantity.

C Ya
A Virus ? i used panda and i found not virus ....
funny that you can have these flash videos on your hard drive now days ;)
its virus in the initial link i found too
it didnt even let me download it... quarantined it imediatly
My antivirus went nuts too, has some kind of virus .
I told you so, there is a virus in rapidshare download!
If you want it, get it from here without virus:
I dont know why you say there is virus, but I checked and There is no virus in this thing.....
I dont know why you say there is virus, but I checked and There is no virus in this thing.....

When I downloaded it, there was a file called game.exe in archive and it was definitely infected with virus.
Currently I'm not aware does it contain game.exe anymore or has it been removed!
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