Increase Serps / Blog Farm?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by contemptx, Jun 27, 2009.

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    I currently have a legit website quite large & established for about 5 years in a certain niche,

    I rank well for most of the related keywords but there are a few im not ranked for,

    My question is should I?

    1. Increase Surps
    Should I work on increasing surps on my exisiting site and forget about a blog farm?

    e.g. use Xrumer directly and other tools for bookmarking / promotion?... Any Suggestions?

    *Im new to blogging by the way*


    Build a blog farm relating to additional keywords that im not ranked for, and possibly use a cloaking method to direct traffic through?


    Buid a blog farm, again relating to additional keywords that im not ranked for but just link to my exisiting site and dont use a cloaking method, just fill it with content, spin it etc..

    and possibly use things such as cookie stuffing to hopefully increase my affiliate earnings for the main program I promote?

    Also when targetting a keyword, what sort of competition should you stay below e.g. 2mil results? or much less?

    Thanks for your time.