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Dec 1, 2008
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has anyone else noticed a huge increase in earnings this past week with ads3nse? in this week i made about half as much as i did for the entire of last month, with less marketing? maybe just because it holiday season? woo-hoo! hopefully it stays this way :D
i also have the feeling that the earnings increased - maybe it's because of christmas time... more searches for xmax-presents... more clicks!

well that's my theory... but i also hope the earnings will stay like that for the next months and esp. years!
are you guys targeting holiday niches ? If not I don't see why they would magically increase ;).

P.S: I just thing that Google has finished updating their engine ... for the past 3 weeks I've been having problems getting content indexed no matter what, a few days ago ( 3-4 ) I noticed it would get indexed within 24 hours ... how about that ?
Just my 2c.
i'm doing pharmacy stuff - maybe christmas is a good time for it (many flues or whartsoever...)... but i didn't have indexing problems - i just need to increase the ranking even more
x-mas related sites are performing very well..can anyone share how much they are getting per click
2 of my sites have improved a lot - a recipes one and a make money online one. getting about 0.30 per click on average
Ups! My earning are lower and lower for 2 weeks in Design niche :(
that low ? you'd better choose your keywords better or weed out the poor paying advertisers ... I'm getting from $2 to $4 / click ...
yeah.. i agreeeeeee.. my CTR skyrocket to 27% in ONE day from 8% ..
ermmm.. i don't know why.. i'm getting about 0.50 per click now.. hehehe
Unfortunately, my earnings are decreasing.Drop in CTR, CPC and in traffic. But i will get back soon.
WTF.. I get only .10 cents per // click.. :( I have 200+ clicks per day.. shit!!!!
damn i wish i had adsense but i think cpa much better as long as your ads are relevant :p
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