Incorporating Games into my Social Network

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    May 20, 2013
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    Hello Everyone,

    I own an adult social networking website. It is set up just like face book, but it is for adults only. I am new to being a webmaster and could really use the advice of the experts on here! ;) I am trying to find adult games that I can put onto my website. I want the members of my social network to be able to play the games with each other, just like on face book. I would like the games to have capabilities like the ones on face book, i.e. people can purchase "bucks" in order to advance within their games. Since the social network is for adults only, I am trying to keep the games at 18+ so that the members do not get discouraged with playing "children's" games. If anyone can get back to me about where I can go in order to find the games it will be greatly appreciated! Thank- you in advance!! :D