Inadvertent g00gle search position

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    Jan 12, 2009
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    Hey all,

    Just thought i would mention this in the lounge as its not greatly important to anyone except myself, but i was wondering if anybody has had the same experience......

    So, i created a blog back at the start of the year, all SEO was geared towards a set number of keywords, phrases. Ive been concentrating the SEO on 1 particular phrase which ive managed to get position 7 on g00gle at the moment....

    Anyway, today i was looking through all the traffic stats and noticed some of the referrals were from g00gle for some other keywords... When i clicked the referral to see where i stool on the g00gle search page, there I was right at the top of the page!

    The problem i have now is which way do I go? The particular keyword is very relative, but to only a couple of pages on the blog and the rest of the blog is not relative at all. Do i create a new blog and direct traffic from the pages or should I try an integrate it all in the same blog?

    I hope that all made sense, without the finer detail