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    Oct 11, 2008
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    i'm having issues with gettin certain campaigns running without this annoying issue. right now i have 3 campaigns that that have been disapproved because of this issue. i've changed the url i don't know how many times now. on a few before that were bein kicked back, i deleted some "trademarked" words, and its now running(for the moment, i guess...) but here's one that was denied:

    Want A Laptop?
    Get Your Choice of Laptops Free!
    Top Brands Available
    (display url and destination url are the same)

    here's one that's running with no problems:

    Be A Hulk In 7 Weeks
    Guranteed Results
    Go From Scrawny To Brawny For $77
    (display url and destination url are the same as well)

    now keep in mind, on the ones that i was dissproved of i've tried altering it several times now to get it approved and no go. my brother managed to figure out the trademarking issue but these other issues are new to him as well and he's been at it for a good while...any help would be this continues my frustration...and bear in mind i'm a newbie at this...