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    First off I would like to Say Hello to everyone for this is my first post :) . Now I have recently started a new job selling Satellite T.V. This is a official business based out of Ohio, everything is run out of a decent little office with a small crew of people. All of it's legit! I was doing some research on the company and noticed that we do not have a web site at all, so this means that we are missing out on a huge market. I was thinking to myself we are missing out on A LOT of money. I casually mentioned something to my boss, the owner of the company and he was very interested in promoting online and if i had a strong enough plan put together he was interested in funding it, that's if it promising and lucrative.

    Okay now I'll get to my question since you know a little bit of background info. so I have never really constructed a official web site before. I have made a couple of sites with the helps of friends, Like a Movie site where people could download movies discuss them and more. I did all of this with php dragon fly though. I was wondering how I should go about setting this up? Where should I host, and whats something thats pretty easy to use but looks professional and appealing to the surfers eye. I would be promoting several different types of service for satellite and other items.
    I would like it so people could make transactions online.

    I was also wondering whats the best way to reach my target audiance. Where should i promote, how should I promote and how much should everything cost?

    Now for the last question, I know from searching around this site that there are a ton of ways to make money from owning a website. Was just open to suggestions on what would work best on this kind of site. adsense is obvious and maybe amazon? Was thinking about CPA though, was sorta debatable.

    I lied this is the last question....
    What would all of this stuff cost intially, and the monthly cost.
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    If this is to be the official website of the company, then I would NOT put AdSense, CPA, or other advertising on it because, IMO, it would be unprofessional to do so. Further, it diverts attention away from the product or service that you're trying to sell.

    Since you're a beginner, then you probably ought to either go with something easy to use (e.g., Wordpress), or hire someone to do it all for you. Even with Wordpress, there's a learning curve. While it's easy to install and use WP, optimizing and securing it will require more specialized knowledge. If you're going to be processing customer data, then you definitely need to be on top of security and follow all regulations regarding this matter. Alternatively, you can use a third-party payment processor such as PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, etc., but they each have their share of problems.

    Since you're working for an offline, bricks-and-mortar business, you probably already have a merchant account and can, therefore, process credit card payments. If that's the case, then you'll need to find some sort of shopping cart software that can be used on your site, and it MUST be compatible with the payment gateway associated with your merchant account (e.g.,, WorldPay, etc.). I'm not sure about this, but even if you have a credit card terminal, you may need to get fixed up with a way to process online orders automatically (i.e., without swiping a card and without human intervention). This may be a separate service offered by your merchant account or gateway provider.

    You might not like what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyway...if this is a legit, whitehat, offline business, then please stay away from shared hosting. Don't get sucked in by the low prices and promises of "unlimited" this and that. You will have nothing but problems, especially when/if business picks up and you start getting a lot of traffic because low-end hosting companies have been known to terminate accounts that are receiving too much traffic (i.e., using "too much" bandwidth, even though they advertised that you would be getting "unlimited" bandwidth). There's also the issue of frequent downtime. You are running a business and cannot afford to be losing money when the server goes down. With shared hosting, this is not a matter of if, but when. I speak from experience, and after several bad experiences with shared hosting, I finally made the switch to a VPS and haven't looked back. (Keep in mind, though, that setting up and securing a VPS can be a daunting task for the uninitiated, so you may want to hire someone to do that for you.) So instead of shared hosting (which is basically you sharing a server with potentially hundreds of other sites), consider getting a VPS (virtual private server). Then after you get the hang of that, and business is booming, you can upgrade to a dedicated server.

    As for the cost of it all, a reliable VPS will cost about $50/month minimum. Wordpress, of course, is free. I haven't integrated any shopping carts with WP, so I can't comment on that, nor do I have any experience with PHP-based shopping carts, so I have no recommendations for you.

    Well, you are selling satellite TV, so think of who would want to buy this. If you want to do SEO (search engine optimization), then do some keyword research and focus on keyword phrases that have commercial intent. You could also do local SEO, using the keyword + city/town name. For example, if your city is Burlington, VT, then your keyword phrase to optimize for would be satellite tv burlington or satellite tv burlington vt. There's an excellent course by a BHW member (ukescuba) that explains how to dominate Google Maps listings. You can check it out here.