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    i am searching for someone to help me set up my clickbank website site that will drive traffic or an affiliate web to set up for me. im taken care of ill child that needs my attention and dont have this in my time schedule. i am willing to negotiate my price. i am in desperate need of the profits for child to get the best medical treatments. You may call. serious people only that are already have and financially set for this line of work, only needs to apply. i can be reached at (817)258-1713. Porsche. & no scammers plz.:playingfi:playingfi
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    Cooking up the medicine.
    Rip time!

    Where do I start.

    1. You talk about setting up a "clickbank website site", and then talk about an "affiliate web", could you please explain what the fuck these terms mean, as I've never heard of a "website site" or an "affiliate web". You then continue to talk about your price being negotiable, what price exactly is that?

    1.2. Your post is full of grammatical mistakes, despite the fact that your phone number directs to a Texas areacode (817), a place in the world where English is the official language.

    This leads me to believe the following,

    2.1 You don't even have the funds to pay for the services you're soliciting, at least not in a large enough amount to be able to pay a "clickbank guru, already established" as you term them.

    2.2 You have no idea what you're looking for exactly, aside from a pot of gold without the need to really lift a finger.​

    Therefore in summation you,

    3.1 Lack the basic human skill of common sense, which would have allowed you to figure out that the simple notion that you could sit back and chill-out while someone who already had a wealth of knowledge, expertise and skill would work for you, for a couple of peanuts (or some ridiculously stupid amount like $500).

    3.2 Are a retarded troll, who thinks it's fitting to end your post with the term "Porsche", which I'm surprised you could spell (I assume this is either your name or the car you aspire to have in the very distant future), and two .gif images of a smiley face swinging.​

    Disclaimer. I'm inclined to feel a little sympathetic, if indeed the OP's prediciment is true. However, having almost exclusively browsed the "Hire a Freelancer" section for over a month now, I've seen and ripped (to some extent) around ten or twelve posts that miraculously defy all logic and common sense.

    There's people asking stupid questions, such as "what's the best method to make money?" and the like, and then there's posts like this.
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    Ahaha got owned

    Wtf is 'Porsche' doing there