In need of Twitter supplier, give me your best offer!

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    Alright, me and Mr. Profit got ourselves set on absolutely dominating Pinterest, and the supply for Pinterest marketers. For this venture we have tried various Twitter suppliers, but disappointingly so. We are looking
    for a long term partner that can give us the quality we need at the best price possible.

    Here's what we need

    - Mixed gender and only female accounts
    - All US based, so US names/location
    - Believable bio's (quotes, expressions of what they love, whatever seems real and with variation)
    - They shouldn't die after a couple of weeks while not being used (couple of tweets+follows+followers?)
    - The usernames should not have characters in them that are not accepted by Pinterest, and should be very unique. For instance: xxlindajones76, this way we can use the same username. Maximum length of 15 characters.
    - Pictures, just casual 18-30 aged people

    Hope to get many offers and great deals. Note: if the prices offered are disappointing, we will create ourselves a Twitter account creation bot.
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    I can get you 1K accounts for 10$. I can supply allot of accounts every day!