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In need of something unique

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by OnticStein, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. OnticStein

    OnticStein Newbie

    Mar 12, 2013
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    Good day,

    I've been on these forums for quite a while and absolutely love the community, all of the help, and all the new ideas. This site is literally like brain candy for me. I can't get enough of your methods, ideas, projects, ventures, it's wonderful!

    I am part of an MLM which will remain unnamed as my goal here is not to promote my products.. business opportunity or anything of that nature. I'm simply here for some help when it comes to my sales funnel and promoting my products online.

    The company I am with has a policy of person to person. With this being said, they don't allow us to sell our products on Amazon, E-Bay, or even automatic sales sites. This however does not mean that we can not utilize the internet and what is has to offer. They provide us with a distributor website which just isn't efficient in my opinion. It's not a PERSUASIVE SELLING page at all.. and the funnel for selling on that website is way too complicated! Below is an example.

    Visit Site -> Sign up as customer -> I must approve their customer application -> I must contact them with their login info and what products I recommend -> They log back in and buy -> Follow up

    Now, that might not sound too extreme. But the websites just aren't set up with a persuasive vibe. It's a very hard process.
    I am however familiar with the typical affiliate process of

    Lead -> E-Mail Marketing -> Offers -> Buy

    That's a lot more simple and automated than what I have in my hands.
    I really want to leverage the power of the internet as it's a fantastic tool and I'd be stupid to not.

    Those of you that can help me leverage the internet in a way that won't be breaking my companies policies and can keep it simple and nice would be great! If it does help.. I can give you the category that my MLM falls under. I will not mention it however unless it is needed. Read set Go!

    Thank you everyone!