In need of help: How to do keyword research

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Pecience91, Nov 9, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    Newbie here, not sure that I am posting in the correct sub forum so my apologizes.

    I have been spending sometime reading guides and tutorials here, so far I have to say it is better than other internet forums I have browsed in the past. Recently I came across a pretty awesome thread, Bluematter's $100 A day in Adsense from 1 blog. So far it is pretty interesting and I have attempted to start with the keyword research however I am running into some trouble. I can't seem to find a decent niche, worst than that I can't even seem to settle on keywords. I have tried following the steps in the guide (heck I have even tried to follow the steps directly as he said) but I get different results than him (probably because I am in Australia).

    I have used the search function but it seems most of the previous keyword tutorials have changed so I am not sure they are still relevant.

    Can anyone help explain how to do proper keyword research?

    For what it is worth I have scrapebox (possibly helpful with the keyword scraper) and kontent machine 3 (still working through the turoail videos so doubtful it could help in this regard).